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Creating an IMAG viewport?

Ethan R.

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Hi -

Before I go into "research mode" (Trial & Error!)

I want to create an IMAG viewport.

Figuring I can

- Create a Viewport from a rendtrworks camera

- Copy that viewport to a sheet layer with a screen

distort / adjust that camera viewport to match the skew of the new viewport?

Anyone have a better idea?



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I think Ethan wants to take a camera view of an event space and insert that camera image onto the screen objects he's placed within the event space in order to create a rendering. For example, if his rendering is a wide shot of the stage with a speaker at the podium with screens behind, he wants a close up of the speaker on the screens rendered from the same environment. Essentially a rendering nested into a rendering.

I've done this before but I rendered out the camera view as a JPG and turned it into a texture to apply to the screen - so a two step process.

(IMAG is live video at an event inserted into the live video presentation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMAG)


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One way to do it is to render the camera view save that image as JPG or PNG. Even if you save it as PDF I think you can copy the picture and save it on your desktop. 

Then create a new texture in Vectorworks import the image to that texture and assign that texture to your screen. 

I hope this helps. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I take advantage of this conversation to share the learning experience on using now integrated Camera Match in 2017. It is a matter of placing a fix point and align 6 vanishing lines to a photo. Maybe small adjustment at the end. What I like about using camera match is that I can control the rendering style and not always trying to go for Photorealism. (See images)

Ribbons Building-camera match.jpg

Ribbons facade 1 white.jpg

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