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Unpublished VW changes?

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VW 10.1.2, Mac G4, dual 1GHz, 1.2GB ram, OS X 10.2.6

When I attempt to use downloaded Workspaces, I find two very curious alerts that show when I add the 2D Selection tool to a revised tool palette.

The first appears if I add the 2D Selection and then give the item a key shortcut --

"The following items are no longer part of VectorWorks: 3D Selection Pan 2D Selection Zoom in Zoom out"

The second shows if I omit the key shortcut and succeed in creating the workspace. I bring up a new drawing pane and then I click on the 2D Selection tool and get this message --

"This internal tool has been removed from this version. Please remove this tool from your workspace and check the documentation for a new way to accomplish the task."

I found these alerts show when attempting to use Workspaces downloaded from the NNA site. The most recent was Dialog Builder 4 . There is, of course, no "new way to accomplish the task" mentioned in any documentation I have found.

A programmer wrote these alerts -- they are not a bug. Did I stumble upon a chunk of an unpublished revision of VW?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

A change was made to the internal ids for those menu items, and apparently the workspaces you downloaded have the old ids. If you know how to use the workspace editor, you can fix this easily. Just remove those menu items from your workspace and then add them back.

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