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Viewport OIP Layer and Classes


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Agreed. This is exactly how this should work. I suspect the reason it wasn't the same dialog or tab was because one existed before the other, and they were implemented by two separate engineers. Request submitted.

Very often I have found the reason that UI elements aren't combined was simply because engineers or engineering teams did not want to step on each others toes. Which, while very polite, leads to very obviously under-thought interfaces, we're working on that quite a bit. My role is a part of it but we are also assigning overall engineering managers for each of the various products so they can look at the larger picture and avoid extra clicks like we have here.

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I think your idea is very good - it should have been done this way in the first place.

There is a concept in User Interface design generally called 'consistency' :)

^^^^ This comment made me laugh out loud.^^^^

I think there should be a Vectorworks 'User Interface Guru' whose job is to go through the entire UI / UX and find things like this - and say "Why do we have two dialogue boxes when we could just have one?"

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And while they are working on it (if they are going to) maybe the navigation palette could be used as well to turn layers off/on for a selected viewport? That way you'd also have that tabs for layers and classes with the benefit that the navigation palette can be vertically resized for easier navigation is you have lots of layers and classes. A drop-down menu in the OIP would be a bit cumbersome in such a situation.

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