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Extract Tool useable on Clip Cube Cutting Planes

Kevin McAllister


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Maybe something like, right-click on a Clip Cube face and select:

'Extract Face to Group'

'Extract Face to 3D Polys'

'Extract Face to NURBS'

I'd be ok with that as a secondary option but my real preference is to be able to access the geometry using the Extract Tool. Its one of the best tools in VW and has options to cover all of what you're suggesting. It generates nice clean geometry and allow for the selection of individual object sections, which is my goal. I don't want a big group of everything that I have to weed through and delete what I don't need.

It pairs with my other wish about snaps on object sections generated by the clip cube - https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=230265#Post230265


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