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simple window help

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Need simple help with this: when a large window exists on both the first and second floors, how do you get it to show in 3D on both floors? That is .... if I insert the window symbol in the first floor, the second floor wall will show a solid wall instead of the top half of the window. Inserting a duplicate symbol on both floors doesn't help, since the window schedule will have the duplicate. I've been using a work-around by cutting a hole in the second floor wall, but this seems cumbersome and there must be a better way. Please show me the way.

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Guest Wes Gardner

@ Roger

There are in fact at least two ways :-) The first is as you suggest except the "second" window is NOT "On Schedule" so it doesn't show in the Window Schedule.

Another method is to use "Wall Peaks" in the upper wall, stretching them around the window in the lower wall. The problem with this is that it models just fine, but your second floor plan won't show a window.

The solution is to place a window in the upper floor's wall at the same elevation as the window in the lower floor's wall. The upper floor window is placed in a class that will ONLY be turned on when you create a viewport for your second floor plan. This "temporary" window is also NOT "On Schedule" so it won't be double-counted. In all model views, the upper floor window's class is turned OFF but it still cuts the wall correctly so that your model views look fine.


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