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Display Grid in 3D



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In addition to the above, it would also be nice if it would be possible to set the size of a grid area by setting a limit/dimension similar to AutoCAD's "Limits" command. The grid would then only exist within these limits.  This can be useful when you are constrained to a certain area and the grid ending would indicate such area limits.

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On 9. September 2016 at 1:28 PM, zoomer said:

And also when page underlay is set off (better always) infinite grid visibility in 3D views.


that was quite redundant,
realized it is my own thread :D


Maybe I thought I should spam another thread with my same proposal to give my wish more weight ...

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Hi Digital Carbon.  I will look at these files in greater detail.  Here is a related thread, that I started.  We've been able to get our grid to work, but the Data Tag Tool seems to have some oddities that I haven't fully figured out.



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I know the image that is above does not look like a traditional grid  because it looks like this --------A--------A--------

this is where i stop fighting the system in trying to get the "proper" Architectural look A------------------------------------------------------------------A


this is what I found....when I worked for an architectural firm they wanted me to make the tools produce images exactly the way they would hand draw it...we spent a lot of time and in the end got frustrated....so now I just use the tools as is (as long as its clear) and my life is very frustration free....as long as the core VW works well.


also...i don't have to place tags...






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2 minutes ago, Cris Dopher said:

DC, wouldn't the Section Line tool give you the A-------------------------A you're talking about?


what i mean is that if you use the Line Type tool then you cannot control it so the "A" remains out side of your building...as shown above the lettering runs right through my plans and sections....but i can live with that 

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