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Text Along Path - not outline

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I have created a line of text and used the Long Path function to get the text to curve. I have played with all the attributes and tried the three different "text types" in the OIP, however I can't get the text to show as solid. The text only shows as an outline. Can anyone please point me to the write place.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you want the text to appear "black" in top/plan view. I think this is only possible using the Curves options. The background colour of the text needs to be set to black which is a bit counter intuitive. The other two options (Surfaces and Extrusions) create a 3d object which only appears black if you render in a 3d view.


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Hmmm, there might be an inconsistency or bug here. The resulting Text Along Path object needs to have the fill set to solid and the colour black. When you click to edit the text sometimes its fill colour is black (ie. just a black box since black text against a black background disappears), sometimes its black text on white. The result doesn't seem to be consistent.


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I remember same problem some time ago. Testing reminds that:

•Initial conversion to TAP>Curves provides text that accepts color fill as desired.

Wire frame or rendered. But if the OIP Rot about Path field is anything other than 0 the color fill evaporates - wire frame or rendered.

•Switching the rotated text to Surface or Extrude makes the fill return if rendered, eg in OGL. No fill if unrendered.

• Often it is possible to place/rotate the text and use the H or V flip, rotate the TAP with the Rotate Tool, etc to reorient the initial condition to keep the wire frame fill without venturing into Rot about Path.



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I have these on a growing list to confirm after this work cycle is wrapped up. Not that they aren't important, but in this phase of engineering anything that gets submitted between now and late Sept doesn't get accepted until late Sept.

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But if you DON'T see me come back and address these once that's done, please feel free to throw rocks until I do.

Thanks Jim! We could throw candy instead.... I would assume positive reinforcement has a better chance of success ;-)

I think you should throw kittens.

And send some my way!

(Although I'm sure all that get thrown at Jim will find their way to my desk anyhow :) )

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I did not read through all the thread, but I gather you are having text troubles.  If all else fails, take one letter and select duplicate along path.  Put in the amount of letters you need and then edit each letter separately for the text that you want.   You can control your own Kerning that way also.  See image below




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