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3DConnexion Mouse

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The Problem for me with a standard Space Mouse would be similar to my

empty-button-only Wacom Remote.
Either I use the same button assignments for all Apps, or I would always

forget what I had assigned to the buttons.

Enterprise lets you at least look on the display to see what you assigned.

Like for an App that you used the last time 6 months ago.

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Luis you have the 3D connexion version of "the ascent of man"! I think I am probably in line weights position, I have even gone to the effort of programming the left hand side numbered buttons to trigger various tools but the instinctive memory of keyboard shortcuts seems to embed so much faster than the same shortcuts on the controller, as zoomed said maybe the addition of the full LCD screen is the final element that helps to make that functionality applicable.  I love the change that a 3D controller has made to my way of working and visualising my designs but have always felt that I haven't been maximising the other potentials of the space pilot other than navigation maybe I might use the move into multi views as a push to make more use of the assignment of the buttons.

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Radial menus add another whole level of functionality! Actually something I want to explore as an exhibition designer I use a lot of classes for frame systems and panelling etc, also layers to set heights for frames and panels and switch between these constantly when I'm building up a stand. I had tried using my mouse buttons to toggle up and down layers and classes but using the pilot buttons or radial menus to directly select a layer or class would be a real benefit to my workflow.

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