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Worksheet and pavers


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It seems it comes down to the fact that a my paving layout is a Marionette "Object" so the criteria needs to be that.

And by specifying the Symbol name you can be selective in your area count.

See attached.

Now need to be able to count the number of paving tiles and the size and volume of each.

I guess I can use string Len to get number of paving tiles and as they are all the same don't use string Len for rows just use 1.

Sorry changed the VW file as it was referencing (S='Paver_004') but there was not on in the file so changed it to (S='Paver_001'), should be ok now.

Sorry about that.

The Worksheet will show up in the Resource Browser.

Volume seems not to work??

Also seems to keep creating more worksheets rather than just changing the original??

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