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OpenGL and Hidden Line Rendering

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I'm using VW 10.1.2 (standard) on MacOS 9.2.2. VW memory is set to 200Mb min, 250Mb max.

This Mac has the NVIDIA 4600 GeForce4 Ti with 128Mb vram, system memory is 2Gb and dual 1.25Ghz CPUs.

I've been having trouble with OpenGL and Hidden Line renderings, and have followed some suggestions on this forum, such as setting undos to 0 or 1, to free up some memory, but I am still having "running out of memory" problems, program crashes, or extremely SLOOOOOW rendering.

The strange thing is my file(s) are only 3 - 6 Mb, and with a ludicrous amount of available memory, I can't understand why OpenGL is running out system memory.

All my objects are NURBS, and I have tried meshing them, and this does seem to speed up hidden line rendering a bit.

My next step is to see if there are newer OpenGL drivers for the NVIDIA card.


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When the program "crashes" what error message are you getting?

Also, go to the Extensions Manager and see what version of OpenGL you have.

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You may have too much memory allocated to VW.

Try setting the min to the same as the suggested and then the preferred to about 150,000.

Also restart the computer after doing so and only run VW to see if you can render without the error message.

Did you get a message about a conflict when you closed the extensions manager?

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Hi Katie,

I tried setting the memory as you suggested, but this did not correct the problem.(I did restart the computer after doing this.)

I did not have any conflict in Extension Manager.

There is something funny with the memory usage of MacOS, which is using about 570Mb or so of system memory, and this is after I have turned off all the extensions that are not needed. In my experience with other Macs, this number is usually 30 - 50 Mb.

I'll have to check in to this MacOS memory usage to see if it may be part of the problem.



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