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Immediate Crash when selecting 'Use Default Attributes'


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Do NOT attempt the following with any other Vw files open, as following the steps below triggers an immediate Vectorworks crash for me. Every Time.

I have filed a VSS support request and bug report for this.

Selecting 'Use Default Attributes' in any file now triggers an immediate crash for me — YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Do not save over your 'Default.sta' template file if you have customized it.


1. Open Vectorworks

2. File > New..., select 'Create Blank Document';

3. Go to the Attributes palette Utility Menu, select 'Make All Attributes by Class'; *** See below ***

4. Go to the Attributes palette Utility Menu, select 'Set Default Attributes'; *** See below ***

5. File > Save as Template... , leave name as 'Default.sta' and save in default User Application support folder.

6. Close all open 'Untitled' Vectorworks files so that no Vw files are open.

7. File > New... , select 'Use Document Template' and select 'Default.sta'.

8. Go to the Attributes palette Utility Menu, select 'Use Default Attributes'.

9. Immediate Crash.

NOTE - If you skip Steps 3 and 4 and then save it as a template file, it will NOT trigger the crash.

I have also attached my Default.sta file which was created with the steps above and triggers a crash.


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I heard back from VSS Tech Support and they confirmed it's a bug:

We were able to replicate the crash here by following your steps. I will submit it to our engineering team so hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Other than remembering to NEVER click on 'Use Default Attributes', I'm not sure what to do the complicated working file where this is happening.

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