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free modelled objects views as filled in top/plan



it would be useful if free modelling objects (extrudes etc.) could be viewed in top/plan as filled objects without going through the cumbersome auto-hybrid process.

... maybe this is logically impossible?

It would make free-modelling better fill the gap where the VW BIM tools are not adequate (sloping walls, gutters, or quirky stairs for example).

Ideally you could control line type, fill and opacity.

Auto-hybrid is a user unfriendly tool.

It requires too many clicks to do what you need to do, and editing is fraught.

For objects located at Z levels higher than the default 1000mm above 0 it's exceptionally tedious.

As I understand it, free-modelling is VW's answer for oddities and for when a (less mature?) BIM tool can't do the job.

VW needs to easily accommodate non-standard design to be really useful.

Please consider!

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+1 It may not be that difficult to do, if we are talking about extrudes, which are generated from a 2d shape in the first place. While we are at it, let's make it so that when an extrude is moved it's 2d primitive "moves" with it so that when editing the 2d shape, the vertices are aligned with the actual location of the 3d object. Why is that important? Say you have an extrude in a location, and you can, by snapping to points around it, create a new 2d object to modify the extrude. By doing a "cut" and "paste in place" into the extrude edit space, you would have your new geometry precisely and quickly. There are other workflows that would benefit greatly from these improvements. Combine the 2 improvements, and you could use the 2d editing tools directly on the shape of an extrude when in Top/Plan view.

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