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Has anyone noticed that if you use the callout tool with a bubble style "circle" if you have a single digit number like for a keynote the circle is one size, but if you have double digit number then the circle adjusts and is larger?

Who thinks this is a good idea? It makes the annotations look sloppy.

Why can't we have fixed size bubble?

I know...use the keynote tool. But I want to add a leader with arrow as shown in attachment.

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I agree completely, having Callout circles of different sizes looks really sloppy.

The problem is that it's working-as-designed in that you specify the Text Margin, and not a specified radius or diameter of the Callout symbol, which is how it should be specified.

I know...use the keynote tool. But I want to add a leader with arrow as shown in attachment.

This is the same callout tool that is used with Keynotes, so that will not solve this.

Quoted from a related thread from May 2015:


[i don't want to hijack the OP as I definitely agree you should be able to have multiple leader lines, whatever the keynote shape.]

In any case, the way the circle keynote works is based on setting a Text Margin; I would prefer if we had an option to set a Circle Radius so there would be a more consistent appearance.

Gotcha, yeah i think it may have been in the last version or two, if much else about callouts hadn't changed in the version it was added in, there may not have been much noise made announcing it.

Submitting request for the radius control now.

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On 6/13/2018 at 10:12 AM, RGyori said:

I've learned to prioritize my frustrations all too well.


I also think that the callout tool text/numeral graphic enclosure should be defined by size!


The graphic enclosure was just one of the things during this process, when I tried to find out the reason why there is no parameter to set the size so they don't look asymmetrical, since I am just a simple man who is not as smart as the programmers. 1 hour later I decided that may be I am not the village fool after all.

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