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3D Nodes to Mesh


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Thanks Partick.

DomC's network has great potential for creating shapes from a series or 3D Locus. See attached.

Py playing with the 3Dlocus by rotating them and moving them you get different effects. Trick is to see how to control them.

Will have to try to understand it now. Seems to follow the copied nodes around.

Will have to chat with DomC to understand it more.

Great Work Dom. :)

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The trick is, to got sorted the points in a way you can build triangles in a controlled rhythm.

In my example "Suction Effect" I use Colours to Filter and sort to sort Points.

But I have no Idea to see, how you could close your mesh. You somehow have to connect the last line (or row) and connect to the first one.

When I looked at your post. I just realised that I forgot, what the mesh (my mesh node, notta bene :-) node do. I think it is a good feature to forget details and have space for new stuff.

The other question ist. Ist there a special reason, you want to build that with a mesh?

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It came from a question in the forum about the potential for creating objects from Point Cloud.

So I thought Marionette could do this.

And Patrick pointed out yours.

So lots of potential.

The more I know about Marionette the more options I have for creating things.

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