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I am using VWA 10.1 on OSx 10.2.6 and would like any suggestions on printer choices and gettin the best prints. I am considering Post script printers from hp and epson that allow up to 13 X 19 prints. Hp Designjet 10ps and Epson 3000. Any body have experience with these in OSX?

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I've used the Epson 3000 and wasn't too pleased with the paper tray that you needed to remove the outfeed to load the infeed. Otherwise it is a good printer from an older generation of Epsons.

I'm currently using an epson photo color 1200, also out of date, which I've completely worn out the feed mechanism from use. We are looking at the new HP that prints to 24" wide and is under $ 1,500.

You need to donwload "Gimp Print" to drive the older printers becuase Epson isn't supporting them well for OSX.

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Originally posted by Kurt Magness:

I use a HP 1220 in OSX through a jetdirect print server and it works fine.

Kurt - can you bring me up to speed on the 'jetdirect printer server'? What is it?

I have the same Mac OS and printer - but am having fits getting 18x12 prints out of the HP 1220

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