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Workspaces and Networked Home Folders

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From what I can see, Vectorworks stores the Workspaces under the Applications/VectorWorks/Workspaces folder.

If I am using Networked Home Folders, and imaging machines, that doesn't do me much good, because users do not have access to the local drive, only their space on the server. How can I get the WorkSpaces to be located in the user's home folder say under Library/Application Support/ or some other more appropriate location?

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ok on mac osX

i know somehow it's possible to create an alias that should be able to replace the workspaces folder in the network drive application folder.

the really trick seems to be to get the alias to look for the path something like


not fully sure it works for workspaces

we have it doing other things and our users data is on it home computer not the network.

hope this clue helps

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Did anyone resolve this issue?

It does seem a bit of a daft place to put a user preference. For example, running OS 10.2.6, we lock out our application directory (so it is not writable by the user) and change the ownerships too. How is a user going to maintain their workspace when their home directories are networked? Not exactly a 'user-friendly' environment when each time they login to a machine the workspace returns to the default. Very frustrating! Perhaps there should be an option to load your own workspace into VectorWorks?

Any thoughts on this?


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