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Kevin McAllister


I wish for the following items with respect to mirroring -

- If VW knows an object has been mirrored (ie. symbol, solid operation, etc.) it should be indicated in the OIP.

- There should be a way to force VW to forget an objects mirroring history without losing its object type (ie. I can force VW to forget an extrude was mirrored by converting it to a generic solid but I would prefer for it to remain an extrude).

- Specific to symbols, I would like an "Unmirror" button in the OIP. Ideally it would be a checkbox so you could mirror or unmirror a symbol instance.

In theatre its common practice to build mirror image items for stage left and stage right. These items would eliminate a lot of the guessing and perhaps solve/assist in troubleshooting some of the issues that appear when item is mirror.


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PS caveat - If all feature requests from this forum are added to OIP, it will get big enough to eat Chicago, take over the free world, and eventually attack Alpha Centauri. So I'm trying to be careful about what I wish for.

No kidding. I am very aware of that as well. The OIP info for some object is very out of control and we don't have a management system for it like in C4D.

I assumed the info would appear next to rotation since they are related and that would be the logical place to find it.


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^ Similar to this I've been postulating a design mode for a while which I call MirrorBuild.

Basically I draw SR and SL automatically maps itself across a mirror, (or for certain elements is mirrored & flipped eg LX devices, signage...).

At any moment the drawing is a cohesive 3d model and MB can be turned off and on at will.

Also, anything drawn across the MP (Mirror Plane) ignores the Mirror.

Mirrored objects continue to affect each other, so move SL scenery & SR scenery moves accordingly, for as long as their link is enabled.

Swaths of the design world employ symmetry & this feature would be useful in projects in all industries.

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