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Bug Submit through VW application

Kevin McAllister


I would like to Bug Submit through the VW application. I just read through the Bug Submit form and many of the questions would be irrelevant if I could do this. Submitting through the application would -

- mean that NV would know my serial number without me having to enter it.

- would know my name, email, company etc. without me having to enter it.

- would confirm or warn me if I wasn't using the most recent version of VW.

- allow me to click on a tool or object or menu command to associate a bug with it.

- allow me to submit an open file as part of my bug submission.

Submitting a bug through the current Bug Submit for is unnecessarily difficult, especially for complex or bugs where the steps are difficult to describe. In the end I often defer to emailing poor JimW directly.


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[The 'Support Request Form' in the Service Select portal is a little better in the fact that some of the user info is already filled in, but I've never been sure if that form can be used to submit bugs].

In addition to submitting bugs directly through Vw, I think the VSS portal also should have a dedicated page to submit bugs through the VSS portal. As part of this there should be a page showing my 'Bug Submission History' where at a glance I can see all the bugs that I have submitted in the past and whether or not they have been resolved and in which version.

Bugs submitted through the application itself would ideally also show up in this proposed VSS portal 'Bug Submission History' (which doesn't currently exist, but should).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Everyone please use the voting mechanic at the top left of the original post!




Press that little green up arrow. These types of votes help me add weight to wishes and make it easier for me to push certain feature requests. +1s and reputation given to a users post (the little arrows on the bottom right) are not the same thing any more.


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