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Josh NZ

Having to perform additional actions to make changes take affect

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Does anyone else experience anything similar to the issues I am having with VW2016. I'm finding that a lot of tools/objects require some kind of action after creation/alteration for that change to take affect. An example is a floor, made of a simple rectangle no cuts or anything, in 3D the floor appeared as wireframe even thou the rest of the objects appear openGL, clicked on the floor, entered the floor, exited without making any changes, floor appears to now have a texture. Another example is a stair, added a section, the number of treads reads the same as the total number of treads for entire stair even thou the image shows 5, exit the stair settings, re enter and now reads as 5. Another example is the windoor objects, often need to do similar tasks like enter settings dialogs and either cancel or exit for the previous change to take affect.

This is occurring on couple of different computers so not sure if this is an issue with all the computers or with VW itself...?

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Another example is the detail callout marker, the option to have horizontal line show over circle. Have to change the symbol type then change back for it to take affect.

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Was there any solution for this? I'm having a sim issue with WinDoor not updating door height correctly.


also if you change the master default  colours, classes settings in the settings dialogue the objects don't update straight away.

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