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symbol snapping

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Why can i not snap to any point within any of my symbols. It makes them completely unusable.

Is there a toggle button anywhere that allows you to set symbol snapping attributes or something like that?

this is really annoying, everything about symbols in VW seems to be inherently complicated and bug-filled.


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Do you have "Snap to Object" on? I find that when I have that constraint on I can snap to a point inside a symbol, though the screen hint is always "Locus", instead of "Point", "Center", "Top Right", "Center Left", etc.

While editing a group you can't snap to points inside a symbol (or a group) that's on another layer. In this respect, groups act like un-named sub-layers, and there seems to be a principle that you can only snap to points that are no more than two levels removed.

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This is a serious problem that seems to have gotten worse with either the 10.1 or 10.1.2 release (can't quite recall). I can't make my tools snap to any symbol or plug-in object. All I get is a lot of "Align V" and "Align H" that don't seem to indicate any particular point.

Specifically, I'm trying to insert simple columns on a framing plan. I used the wood cut PIO, but couldn't snap to the corners. So I made simple symbols (rectangle with an "x" made of 2 lines) and placed them down only to find I couldn't snap to the corners of them either.

A serious pain. Any hints?

[MacOS 10.2.6, VWA 10.1.2, Power Mac G4]

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Go to the constraints palette.

What tools are turned on?

Also go to File>Preferences>VW Preferences.

Under the Edit tab, do you have Smart Cursor Cues turned on?

DOes this snap 'problem' happen in all drawings?

Can you duplicate it in a new document?

Have you checked to make sure the class and layer visibility and options are set appropriately?

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Our office is having the same problem (no snapping in symbols), regardless of the combination of constraints that are selected. I have "Snap to Object", and "Smart Cursor Cues" on, but my symbols are still virtually unusable because I can not place them in their correct locations without snaps.

This problem happens on all of our drawings on multiple computers, and is a major issue with symbols. Is there an update past VW10.1.0 that will resolve this? Any solution (no matter how unorthodox) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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When Snap-To-Objects stops working on my machine, I press the Cmd-5 key (Top/Plan View). This seems to jog the software back to proper operation. I have been doing this since VW8.5, but don't know why it is necessary. However, it works. Snapping to objects in Symbols and in Groups is restored when I reset the view to Top/Plan.




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