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Adding data to Plug-in Reference Files

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VW10.1.2, G4 dual 1G, 1.2 G ram, OSX 10.2.6

It's hard to believe this is new, but "Search" turned up nothing. I use a customized tool palette that contains, among other items, square tubing. The smallest listed size is 1.5", and I want to add smaller sizes. I can create a custom size by filling in the blanks in a dialog -- that ain't the good life. I can easily edit the data file, SquareTubing-Inch.txt, but the added stuff doesn't show up in the dialog. I must be missing a critical step. What might it be?

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Sorry, I apparently didn't make myself clear in my starter message. My onjective, if it's attainable, is to add *new* sizes of square tubing to the Pull-down list of available sizes. As an experiment, I removed the file Square Tubing - inch.txt from the VW10 Data folder. Upon activating the PIO in VW, I got a message that the *required data file could not be found* AND, I was able to display the pull-down menu list of available sizes in the dialog. My next experiment was to substitute a modified line changing only the size column in Square Tubing - inch.txt, which produced the message *that size is not available* when selected in the still present pull-down list. Experiment 3 was leaving the size column as it was originally, but changing all the dimensions columns to different numbers, thus: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.1875 1.000 1.000 0.0960 0.09605. Selecting the 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.1875 size in the pull-down list resulted in drawing the 1 inch square tubing.

So the pull-down list is evidently hardwired and can't be changed. I was hoping some clever chap had figured out how to defeat the lock on the pull-down list, other than to write a replacement script.

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