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Bug: Keyboard Shortcut for Rotate Not Working with Move By Points Selected

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I submitted a bug for this behavior, maybe a couple of years ago. At least I'm pretty sure I did, so many bug submits I can't remember them all. Anyway, never fixed, so just hit the "X" key to activate the selection tool before trying to activate the rotate tool, it's a habit by now.

Jim, whenever we say we would like VW to work with fewer glitches as a priority over new features, this is the kind of thing we are talking about.

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Had similar issues with the mirror hot key.

Try to replicate this create a rectangle,

hit = and mirror

hit atl+= to rotate (it defaults back to the mirror tool)

Have to use the OIP cant use the hot key.

Do again and hold tab down it pops to the select tool

keep holding alt and hit = and it brings up rotate object angle selection.

Seems to be a few shortcuts by sequencing key selection I am not aware of.

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Yes, it must be a bug, I have trained to hit X a few times before using the rotation tool, meanwhile I don't notice it anymore. But letting custumers learn the workaround should not be the way for programmers to solve a bug...

I'm working with a german keyboard on the english version of Vectorworks, and there is as well the problem that shortcuts are simply not translated and cause confusion, because they do not correspond with the mouseover-tipp-text. Too bad to say that, but I don't expect bugs like these to be solved within my lifetime...

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Apologies, I'm not able to reproduce this on 2017 SP2.

My exact steps:

1) Create a new blank document

2) Select an object (Rectangle in my case)

3) Activate Move by Points tool

4) Alt-= to activate the Rotate tool

5) Attempt to rotate the selected Rectangle


This worked for me, recorded it so that others can correct me if I'm misunderstanding the problem or to see if I am not replicating the steps properly:


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I've remapped nearly every key stroke as I was an illustrator user, nipping between the two.


ive found that some shortcuts stop working after a while until a restart.

its always the same ones.... rotate, callout and sheet border.


cant replicate though. Happens on its own. Mainly to tool palette tools. 


when it happen to menu tools, alt+something I find that all menus are greyed out. Even save has gone. But in fairness, this is very very rare. 


not as frequent in this version but has been an issue in the past.


And, no... I don't import or migrate settings, I always set up from fresh on a new install.

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