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New ESP Vision Pricing Structure Announced


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From churches, theatres and schools to major corporate events, concerts and large music festivals, the worldwide demand for exceptional previsualization software to perfect experiences at these events is in high demand. In response to these growing and varying needs, Vectorworks, Inc. is offering a more cost-effective pricing structure for its Vision previsualization software to the entertainment design community.

As a global leader in developing 2D/3D design technologies for the AEC, landscape and entertainment industries, Vectorworks’ first entertainment industry-specific program was Spotlight software. As the industry-leading program for entertainment design, Spotlight provides 2D drafting and 3D modeling, realistic rendering and integrated database worksheets for professionals in the lighting, scenery, set, event, theatre and exhibit design space.

After acquiring Vision's assets in October 2015, Vectorworks now has two strongholds in the entertainment industry. Vision puts the power to previsualize and cue a show at designers’ fingertips. The software works with consoles to enable entertainment designers to rehearse the look of a performance before they arrive at the venue, resulting in time and money savings. Adaptations and changes can easily be made in advance, allowing for more efficient workflows.

“We’ve seen a trend in the market where lighting designers are needing more and more Universes to support the growing number and complexity of lighting fixtures in a show,” said Vectorworks Chief Marketing Officer Stewart Rom. “This new pricing structure will further empower lighting designers and programmers to purchase Vision at a more affordable price point that matches the demands of the venue and performance no matter their size.”

There are three new Vision pricing tiers to more easily access previsualization software to affordably cue experiences:

1) VISION: 1 Universe costs $395 (previously cost $750)

2) VISION PLUS: 4 Universes cost $1,295 (previously cost $3,000)

3) VISION UNLIMITED: Unlimited Universes cost $1,995 (previously cost $7,500)

Vectorworks is also offering existing Vision customers by allowing them to upgrade their license to the next tier at the time of their subscription renewal. Additionally, a bundled pricing offer for Vision plus Spotlight is valid through the end of the year. Purchasers will receive $200 off their selected Vision software tier when purchasing Spotlight at the same time. By selecting the bundled offering, lighting designers can easily conceptualize their designs, generate the necessary drawings and paperwork and create 3D models in Spotlight, then move their models directly into Vision to simulate and cue their work.

To further support the academic community, Vectorworks is also offering a discounted student version for educators and students that costs $198 for one Universe and $648 for four Universes (previously $495 per Universe for educators and $249 for one Universe for students over one year).

Vision software can be purchased by visiting the web store.

In addition to the pricing changes, Vectorworks is always working to improve Vision’s functionality. To this end, the company recently released Vision 4 to increase the quality and performance speed of the software.

Notable improvements to the latest Vision version include:


• Enriched rendering performance that increases Frames Per Second (FPS) for a smoother previsualization experience

• Enhanced rendering quality of GOBOS and light beams that provide greater resolution for higher detail visualization of beams in the air

• Stronger color mixing that creates a more accurate representation of intersecting beams of light for a better visual display

Several other improvements and bug fixes have been made as well and can be explored via the Vectorworks Knowledgebase article. Contact tech@vectorworks.net to learn more about these updates.

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