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Change default interface font size

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Hey all,

Is there a way to change the font sizes of the interface? (i.e. menus, tools, dropdowns, OIP, etc.)

I just got a 4K monitor, which is great in some ways visually, but it's helpful if I can make the interface/system text larger.


Getting Old and Can't See the Text

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5 hours ago, archdaly said:

Are you kidding? So VW looks like absolute  garbage on any monitor that isn't 4K (specifically open GL, which is so poor on 1080p it almost REQUIRES a 4K monitor purchase...) and now I'm stuck with .00004pt font that I can't read???? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! 



but don't try to change the Action Center Positions in the OIP Symbol,

when editing Rectangle dimensions, on a 4K Monitor.

Even when using Pixel Scaling. (175% here)

I mostly need three clicks until I get the tiny radio button.


Far easier and more forgiving on my unsharp low res Cinema Display

or Wacom Cintiq.

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7 minutes ago, zoomer said:



but don't try to change the Action Center Positions in the OIP Symbol,

when editing Rectangle dimensions, on a 4K Monitor.

Even when using Pixel Scaling. (175% here)

I mostly need three clicks until I get the tiny radio button.


Far easier and more forgiving on my unsharp low res Cinema Display

or Wacom Cintiq.

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not referring to editing rectangle dimensions. I'm frustrated because VW doesn't apply interface scaling appropriately when displaying on an external 4K monitor. I'm running a 2019 macbook pro with a 2880x1800 retina display. My 1920x1080p was very poor resolution in openGL with very high quality setting and edges turned on (edges were so blurry that the object geometry couldn't even be read). I bought a brand new 4K monitor which solves the resolution issue but the default size display for the system interface (text and tools etc) is unworkably small.


Changing the UI settings on my mac to 125% or 150% also doesn't work (not to mention that it makes my macbook screen unusable). 

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I had my small 24" 4K Dell on my Mac Pro for a while.

(still Mojave here)

AFAIK scaling on Mac for me meant to just choose a suitable

resolution resemblance in Monitor Settings that would bring

a readable UI size on my screen.

macOS would do the rest automatically.

I mean Text and Icons where at a useful size but sharp.


On Windows or Linux I have to choose a scale factor.

For my small 4K Windows recommends a scale factor of 200 %,

but I prefer to use 175%, Windows as well as Linux.

(I think on Mac I set a target resolution of 2560xX or lower)



And yes, I have lots of problems with so many Apps on a HiDPi Monitor

using scaling as no App seems to be ready and 100% HiDPi with scaling.

There is always anywhere any old Dialog or dynamic input that was

hard coded to pixel size.


Similar to problems with Dark Mode (Text highlighting colour or contrast, ...)



OpenGL and activated Lines where always ugly unsharp at their minimum 1 Pixel size.

For Viewports I double their size or resolutions to get similar results like classic hidden line.


That doesn;t really look better on a scaled HiDPi Monitor, as the resolutions of the

Lines is still bad for speed improvement reasons.

Like If you have some Panels and fugues, it will still display only a few of them instead

of showing them all reliably , until you zoom in to give each fugue about 5-10 pixels.

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I have the same problem.
I work with Mac 21,5" retina display. System fonts are all right. The problem is VW info palette fonts are ridiculously small. While im drawing I don't care much, but when I need to read polygons areas it makes life miserable... after long hours eyes get tired, making my job terrible.
Where do we have to ask for this to get fixed?

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OK, totally a workaround here, at least for Mac.  I assume something similar exists for Windows. It might help in a pinch:


Screen Zoom.

This is OS action, so works in vwx.


On a Mac, Zoom in is OptCmd+      Zoom out is OptCmd-

(actually, that is OptCmd= for Zoom in because Shift key is not used for this. Just makes sense for "plus" to zoom bigger.)

Zoom in jumps the view about double with each key stroke.  Zoom out jumps smaller steps requiring about 8 key strokes to return to previous level.

A good setting to see the palettes might be one Zoom in and 4 or 5 Zoom outs


One problem is that pointer movement to edge of screen causes view shift to display elements out of frame.  If vwx palettes and drawing area are resized/moved to fit in the zoomed screen area, that view will shift if pointer moves to any edge hiding off screen elements. Eg to access a hot corner, or just by mistake.


Takes a bit of self discipline.  Like I said, workaround.

Put it in the Wish List!  Maybe one day . . .



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Thanks for the answer.

This workaround involves many clicks. Its something that can help reduce eye fatigue. I appreciate the help.

I didn't know that when yo do it by pressing OptCmd+ it reminded last pointer position. I did it by pressing "Opt Cmd 8".

I have been changing OS screen resolution when I need to do this kind of job. It sucks, but I can work losing less time.

I hope someone from nemetschek will listen and gives us text size options. I have no idea how short sighted people can work with this.



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I started having this problem when I downloaded to my new dell.  Calls to support simply repeat decreasing the resolution which does nothing.  I initially had the same problem with Rhino but called and they have developed a solution.  I've been using Vectorworks since 2010 and it works well for the range of applications I need, so I'm disappointed in the lack of attention to this problem.

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