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EAP Gutter with End Caps

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After I get home on 22nd June will post the files, also will update the file with the ability to use dropdown menus etc.

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Hi @AlanWhow do we change the object's colour?


Edit: worked it out. I edited the Attributes obj in the script. I changed its attributes from white fill to use class and then the gutter object also started using 'by class'.


Edit 2: any idea why I might be getting the following error output each time I manipulate the object?






Edit 3: I'm getting this one with the down pipe object too:


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@ChristiaanHi, you simply go into the script and change the attributes and color will change.


can put and external node that you can change in the OIP.


Also you can add node to use Class texture see below





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Thanks Alan, is it this defining of Attributes that's causing the errors too?

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I'm not seeing the errors you're receiving with Alan's original file. Also, the errors are pointing to incorrect syntax, so my assumption it's from you modifying code somewhere.

If you'd like, I can take a look at it.

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Hi @Marissa Farrell thanks for reaching out. No, I didn't touch the code.


All I did was copy the gutter object across to a file I'm working on, changed some classes of the objects and set the Attributes node to use class instead of manual fill. I also imported the relevant symbols.


What's strange is that I've gone to copy the object from my file to a new blank file in order to attach it here as a test file, but I don't get the errors in the fresh new file. Only in my model file.


Weirder still, I then created a copy of my working file as a .vwx file, to send to you as an example. And that too doesn't exhibit the problem.


It's only when I turn it back into a project file + working file do I start getting the error again.


So when you download the attached file, turn it into a project sharing file and then try to move or edit the Marionette gutter object in the file. I'm also on macOS 11.2, which may or may not make a difference.


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