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When dimensioning, I can't find a way to set up the dimension tool so that it will automatically dimension to a precision greater than .1. Now I am selecting each dimension and changing the precision manually. I didn't come across this problem in earlier version of Vectorworks. Changing the unit precision on the drawing doesn't help and there doesn't seem to be a way to create this as a default in the dimension box.

Also, I seem to have a lot of problems drawing a line with a starting point along an arc that is tangent to that arc, but I can draw it the other way around (starting away from the arc and finding the tangent on the arc). Both of these are frustrating.

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Hi Marietta,

For the dimension rounding, just go to the Page menu > Units...

Then on the first pop-up, instead of 'General Display' choose 'Primary Dimension Objects' - or something - and change the rounding...

If your tangent constraint is on (Constraints palette, last one on the right) you should be able to:

1. Draw a line with the first point away from the arc and then get the 'tangent' snap-point.

2. Click with the line tool anywhere on the arc or circle and as you move the mouse the line is automatically constrained to a tangent one.

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Thanks, I didn't see the extra tab in the page unit display box. That really helps for dimensioning.

The tangent is stil not working for me. This happens when I have the arc drawn first. Then I want to draw a line starting at some point along the arc that is tangent to that arc. Before, when using the tangent constraint, the start of your line will automatically be tangent as you move the direction of the line. When you use the option key, the line would become tangent in the opposite direction. This has not been working for me in VW10.

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