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Aluminum Handle Shaping


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Hi all,

I'm modelling a handle which will ultimately be made out of aluminum.

What I'm looking to have is a soft taper on both the left and right sides. I'm not certain of the best way to do it.

Ideally I would like soft edges on it as well.

Here's a quick screenshot.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Easiest way is probably to slice the object in half right at the centerpoint, then use the Deform tool in taper with Symmetric disabled, then you can add the taper by clicking on the end faces on either side of the handle.


You can probably save time by splitting the object in half, then deleting one half, tapering the other and then using Mirror to duplicate the one side so that you get the desired taper identical on both ends, then Add Solids to combine the two halves into one handle again.

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