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disable scientific notation?

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Does anyone know how to disable scientific notation?

When I specify a dimension greater than 9999, VW defaults to scientific notation, i.e.: 10,000 is displayed as 1e04. It makes it hard to read.

I can't seem to find a fix.

Any help appreciated!

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I think it depends on my document setting > units > decimal precision being set high.

Reducing the decimal precision doesn't seem to update my existing stake objects' notation style, but new stake objects are made without scientific notation.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Stake Objects (As well as Dimensions and maybe a few others) have their own precision setting, they take the value from this setting from Document Settings upon their creation, but then retain that value even if rounding precision for the document is altered.

If you select the Stake and set its Elevation Units to Document Units it should update, but it may currently be set to Inches or another specified value with its own custom "Elevation Prec" value. You should be able to select all stakes with Select Similar and then alter this to fix it in one action.

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