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Angular dimensioning

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In VW 2016 I have a 3D model that I'm looking at in right side view. In Annotations mode, I go to dimension the pitch of the roof. I select the Angle Dimension tool, but it does not work. I have to draw a line along the roof pitch and another line that is horizontal, then it works fine between these two lines. I don't have to do this to take linear dimensions. Why do I have to do this for angular dimensions or any other non-linear dimensions? Do I have a preference turned off somewhere? It seems like this is so fundamental I must be doing something wrong.



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The Roof Edge should be recognized - I'd class that as a bug.

In the meantime choose the 3rd mode (Reference Lines Mode) of the Angular Dimension tool and with 3 clicks draw your baseline and a point on your roof edge.

The 4th click will place the dimension.

Note, the Slope Tool (also in the dim/notes Palette is useful for specifying Rise/Run.


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