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Options in OIP and displaying items in OIP


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Two questions, both of these questions are for after I convert to object node.

1) Is there a way in marionette to have a drop down menu in the OIP to select the way the network gets inputs. For example, I want to have the option to choose between using a fixed distance, or percentange. Then based on what is selected the network uses the corresponding input node.

2) Is there a way to display information from somewhere in the network back to the OIP. For example, the area or an object created.



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Hello Chad,

1) You just have to make an if statement like this:

if dropdown_value == 'a':
  output = Port_A_value
elif dropdown_valu == 'B':
  output = Port_B_value

Here's an example with all OIP controls:


2) It's not possible to change any OIP-control value within the script execution.

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