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Linking polygons with data to worksheet

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I have imported buildings as shape files which have height data attached from the Ordnance Survey and have imported into a Worksheet, data supplied as a separate .csv file.

Both the polygons and the worksheet have the same record data fields "os_topo_toid".

Can the worksheet be linked polygon data so that the data is merged and I can extrude the buildings to the correct height as listed in the worksheet.

If anyone has any ideas on this I would be very interested.

I have attached some OS sample data.

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There's a really amazing tool for this.

Tools > Records > Modify by Record…

It helps if you select all the objects first so you can modify only the selection, not the entire drawing!

Pick the record format and field you want to use as the extrusion height.

For Operation Modify select Extrude.

Apply to Selection

Depending on the units (meters, millimeters, etc) of the data vs the drawing you may need to set a Multiplier.



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Yes thats what I intend to use..

The problem is the height data is in a worksheet and not connected to the record attached to the polygons.

They both have a common ID but are not physically connected. I need to somehow merge the 2 sets of data.

Is it possible to convert a list in a worksheet items into a database and then link the 2?

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Sorry, I thought one of attached fields was the height.

I see the problem now.

Yes, you can create a worksheet with the existing attached data.

Create a new record format and attach it to the polygons (or add to the existing format - creating a new one is easier.)

Add the new record format.field to the worksheet.

Sort the worksheet by TOID or other unique identifiers. Sort the excel or whatever external data by the same criteria

Copy the height column data. Paste into the worksheet column.

You now have a record attached to the polygons with the data you want.



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This the step by step instruction on how to import the .csv height data.

It may be of use to people in the UK.

OS Mastermap data is supplied with 4 separate files if downloaded in a .dwg format

• OS_Mastermap.dwg

• heights.csv

• heights.csvt

• schema.ini

In order to use the height data you must down load the same OS file as a “Shape File”.

Import the Shape file TopographicAreas.shp into Vectorworks.

Custom Select just the building polygons (move to a separate layer and delete the othe OS data). Alternatively copy and paste into a new document.

Tools>Custom Setect>Select Criteria>Field Value – Decript1 = Building.

The heights .csv data needs to to be imported into Vectorworks and linked to the corresponding building polygons.

Create a “New Record”

1) Through the resource browser create a new record format containing fields called

a) os_topo_toid (default number 0)

b) relhmax (default number 0.0)

2) Select all building polygons and attach the record format by ticking the box next to the Record in the Record Format folder in the Resource Browser.

3) Merge the 2 Record Formats

4) Tools>Records>Merge Record Formats

5) Select all building polygons create a report (Tools>Reports>Create Report) and name it. “Height Data”

a) Title: -----

b) List all: Object with a record

c) Listing objects with height data: OS Height Data

Need to import the height data from the .csv file.

Open the .csv file in Excel.

Copy and Paste into a blank Vectorworks spread sheet.

Open the “Height Data” report which should now have a new column called “relhmax”

Make sure the Excel Spreadsheet and The Height Data worksheet are both sorted in decennding order by “os_topo_toid”.

Copy and paste the data in column “relhmax” in Excel into the corresponding column in VW worksheet.

The height data should now be attached the correct building polygon.

To create the extrude polygons for buidings.

Select all buildings.

Tools>Records>Modify by Record

Record: Height Data

Record Field: relhmax

Modify: extrude

Apply to: Selection

Multiplier: 1 (1000 if your units are set to mm)

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