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Vectorworks Architect vs Plain Vectorworks

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I am about to purchase the full price Vectorworks. I have been using an educational copy of Vectorworks Architect 9.5. up until now (I just won a sizeable engineering contract today, and need to get my office started ASAP!). The question I have is with regard to the differences between Plain Vectorworks and Vectorworks Architect.

I have no use for the Architect sheets and project setup features that come with Architect; however I do like the Architect palette. Is it possible to move this palette from the Architect version of VW (9.5) to the Plain version of VW 10.0? This would save me an extra $400.00 (enough for me to justify buying two plain VW 10.0 copies next week, instead of one Architect VW).

Please advise.

Thanks again,


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