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site survey

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i have been sent this file form a surveyor in the usa for a job i have in pebble beach in august

i am not a surveyor and don't understand site levels

i know this is not really a forum problem but if there is any one out there who

can tell me anything about this i would really appreciate this

i need to understand how much the ground on this site is on a slope or is it

quite level

any help would be appreciated and thanks so much for reading this

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That's the oddest "survey" I've ever seen. It appears that each "G" is a point where the surveyor took an elevation reading. Each corresponding number is either above (positive numbers) or below (negative numbers) an arbitrary "zero" elevation (in the lower left).

What's missing is the Site Boundaries (Property Lines) and any Site Features (Trees, Rocks, Fences, etc.). Also missing is a North Arrow.

How large is this site? If the file you sent is correct, then it appears to be 11,000 ft in the "vertical" dimension. Really? Or perhaps the original file was imported at the wrong scale?

As to the actual elevations, if the numbers are to be trusted, you'll notice that in the lower left hand corner there is a "0" and the upper right corner there is a "-5.66", which I would interpret to tell you that there is about a 5'-7" grade difference from one point to the other, with all the other points having an elevation somewhere in between.

You could make a Vectorworks Site Model from this data by inserting a Stake Object at each of the points and assigning each Stake the corresponding number. Then select all the Stakes and run the command "Create Site Model" FIRST I would want to verify that the scale is correct...

Hope that helps.

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this is the worst survey imaginable, i fully second the workaround suggested by peter.

on the other hand, here in poland i require points with 'z'-coordinate from my surveyors. if it's above their scope, the owner must pay, but this is a necessity for exact calculations of the building footprint with cut'n fill volumes. i don't work with mere 2d data anymore.


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gester and Phil, I also require that the owner hire a licensed surveyor for almost all of my projects (excluding simple additions on flat lots, for example). It is the only way to have accurate data from which to start.

Phil, if you want to contact me via a private message please do so. Perhaps I can assist...

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this is a site on the peter may golfcourse

the size of plot i am working to is 16m x 11m

and this can be placed anywhere on the golfcourse

its for an exhibit that need a levelled floor hence i am trying to find out how many

steps i need from grass level to the platform level

i did try and change the units to feet and inches as i alway work in metric

and i did notice it brings the model in with massive increases in dimensions

i asked for the highest point of the land and anything below to be a minus facture

as we level our floor palettes through from the highest point with a laser level and pack the deck up where needed

the attachment will give you an idea of what i am trying to achieve

i have also used the rescale tool so now my 16m reads as 16m

if this helps

thanks everyone

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Hi Phil,

Here is the file back, and here is what I did:

1) First, after much trial and error I determined that the "survey" file was created in millimeters (huh??); so that when you Import it, you must manually choose MM as the units.

2) I created a new Design Layer and in it I started, along the top row only, to insert Stake Objects at each X. Then I manually changed each Stake Object so that it's "Z" value was equal to the values stated in the original file.

Here's how to proceed:

1) Create/insert a Stake and set the Z values for EVERY other X in the file. Make sure to do this in the new layer!

2) Select all the Stake Objects then run the command "Create Site Model.

All should be revealed.

I can help more but I would need to bill you for my time... Let me know if that's needed. P

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i would like to thank peter for his help in solving my problem for a job i have out in peeble beach in aug

i really appreciate the time people give up to help people like me and other members in our forum

it just goes to show the vectorworks community forum is a fantastic knowledge

base and that its a great place to communicate

peter i took your advice and plotted the survey inputs as per your instructions

and came up with my site model and a draped surface to prove that the ground on the golf course was like a cliff face for the type of construction we wanted to build

we have since asked the organisers to move us to another plot

which i know want be perfectly flat but at least will give us a chance ....



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