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Windoors - How to show demolished windows and doors


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I have a few questions regarding how to show windows and doors that are to be demolished in our existing and demo floor plans.

For demolished windows and doors, our office demonstrates these as demolished by dashing the door and window to be demolished. All the elements of the windows and doors are still visible, only that they are dashed.

With Windoors however, we are struggling to make this work.

The screenshot is an example of what a window looks like with windoors - a white rectangle.

The other screenshot attached shows what I have ticked/unticked in the windoor settings.

Does anyone have any experience with this, would love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought - and not having a copy of Windoor I cannot test the limitations of this:

Create a new class Windows-Demo with a dashed line style.

Place the windows in the wall as usual - but assigned to this new class

Select all these windows>Edit-Cut>Edit-Paste in Place

This will remove them from the walls and place them ontop and in location leaving the walls to repair themselves.


The entire demo/infill/repair workflow really needs to be improved.

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Thank you for the advice :)

A very make shift way solution indeed. But your solution sounds like a good alternative for the time being.. only in the proposed plan, it wouldn't automatically show the extent and location of where the wall is to be repair as a result of the demolished Windoor.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for your comments

Yes I have seen that function (see screenshot attached in post above), however our office hasn't seemed to figure out how to make it work properly..

just wondering what we are not doing right for the windows to now show correctly - i.e. dashed in demo (showing the full elements of the window/door rather than just a white box), and filled in in proposed.

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The rest of the world needs an elegant and reliable solution for this condition as well. Its omission is glaring.

Absolutely. I've never used WinDoor and their implementation may not be perfect, but their solution to showing a little bit of demo around removed doors and windows is the way that I think it should be done.

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