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Imported Images appearing as grey boxes with a line through them.

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Hi all,

I would appreciate any help, quite new to Vector Works.

In our company we have lots of plans stored on a server.

On these plans is an image (company logo) that was imported to the plans when it was created. This image is also on the server.

When looked at on my computer (we all use Mac) the images appear as grey boxes with an arrow through them. For everyone else it works fine.

At first I checked and was connected to the server by SMB (connection protocal), I changed this to AFP (what my colleagues use to connect).

This didn't resolve the issue.

Could it be something to do with the path to the file? Is there a way of checking what that path is? Or does anyone have any ideas. I could be missing something obvious.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is normally caused by certain image types, I believe PICT and EPS and perhaps one other format that store a "preview" thumb within the image. Vectorworks can see this on some operating systems but not on others.

The easiest solution is to open the image in Preview or Pain or Photoshop and save it as another image format, usually we recommend PNG, then re-import it or re-reference it into the documents. It should then display just fine.

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