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Modify by Record Format

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I would like to use the modify by record value option as seen in the YouTube video tutorial...

I have some simple house type symbols with record format attached:-

Name, Storeys, Gross floor area etc. and would like to use the modify record command to display each of these as different colours.

When I use the modify record value option, nothing happens. I don't understand how the command knows what part of the symbol to modify.

Within the symbol I have a polygon representing footprint which is by class which I would expect to change colour.

Should the record be attached to this polygon and not the symbol itself?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It seems as if "modify by record" works if you just attach a record to a polygon.

If this is then becomes part of a symbol it no longer responds to the modify request.

The VW dialogue box implies it will still work as part of a symbol and a group.

It does work with a group but not a symbol.

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I have not used this feature, but it seems straight forward - but I am guessing you are correct - since the symbol itself does not have a fill attribute (only the objects inside the symbol) - maybe the tool is unable to work if applied to symbols.

This is a shame because I never usually attach records to anything but symbols....

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It seems you have to remove class attributes from the object within a symbol that you want to modify with modify by record command. Then convert the symbols on the the plan to groups and run Tools > Record > Modify by record. This will change any object within the group that is not controlled by class attributes.

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