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"Show 3D Open" Viewport overrides

Amelia S


It would be nice if there could be viewport overrides for doors and windows to be shown as open or closed. I think it could be similar to the lighting overrides we have now.

It could get messy and complicate things, but it would be useful when the design phase is wrapping up and construction drawings are being started. I'm working on a project now where we want to show interior perspectives and begin sections and interior elevations.

PS this is my first time taking interior elevations from a fully developed 3D model and I have to say, it's much easier than I had expected! I'm very impressed!

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You are aware of that they can be set to open/close in 2D,

+ when open in 2D optionally also open in 3D or not ?

I have mine open for Plans but mostly closed in 3D, with some exceptions.

Or you still need more granularity, like different opening angles for 2D/3D ?

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@zoomer it is actually: Open in some 3D like (some) renderings and isometrics, closed in other 3D like elevations and sections.

I'd go a step further and make sure it's door by door. Sliding glass doors rarely need to show open. Neither do closets! Room to room doors work well open.

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Much needed. Often we want to "set-dress" the production model for Client walkthru's, photomotages and higher quality images.

We end up creating a copy of the file that is out of the co-ordination loop so we can touch objects like Windows and doors and change opening status and angles along with other things.


If this was a viewport setting we could do this as we like to the production model but set Elevations to always closed in 3d and not worry.

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Ditto to all above.  I have a window "open" in 3D so the client can see how it works, but in the elevation viewport the window doesn't display conventionally.  It would be great to disable the 3D open.

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