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Filling up your spaces automatically with symbols

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Imagine you have client, which delivers you a room list. And a list, which objects have to be in this rooms. You can consider this lists with hundreds of rooms on your left screen and click them one by one in your rooms. You will make errors and your eyes will get squared.

Another real interesting example how you could accelerate a routine job with a marionette script.

Look here:


Sometimes I remember the good old times I turned on the radio-volume and drawed hatches with single lines one by one.

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Dear DomC,

please can you give this script free for download?! Because I have this problem, with symbols and 800 rooms! ;)

Or can you say, which Information I have to write in every Strings and lists?!


It would be very nice!!!


Thx alot and greets from germany

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Hi Mathias 

With pleasure ... 


Edit: Sorry, I uploaded wrong file. This is the correct one.

Symbol on Space.vwx

Edited by DomC
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Is it possible to get a short introduction how i can work with this script please in 2019

Thank you very much


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Think you should edit the "Get Record Field" node and paste the content of the 2019 "Get Record Field Node". Specific the vs.GetType(h) function should be replaced with vs.GetTypeN(). That issue hits every Marionette Script which were using SetRecordField and GetRecordField.


Attached an Updated File


Best Regards


Symbol on Space v2019.vwx

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