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CameraMatch Viewpoint Position?

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I'm currently trialling CameraMatch (2013/2014) with Vectorworks 2014, and following through the instructions for my first viewpoint - wondered if someone might be able to help me with an issue I am having.

In context, the view I am trying to align is of a housing development, rather than just one house, and as such is nowhere near as close in range as any of the examples I have seen using this plugin, so it may just be the wrong thing to use, advice is welcome.

I have modelled my development in Vectorworks in 3D, and set all the buildings to the appropriate positions and Z heights in relation to site levels. I have a photo I want to align it with, and also some reference points in the image. I also have a viewpoint position, i.e. where I took the photo, and a level height for this location.

I have imported my image using cameramatch and set up the control lines and reference object in Vectorworks, but my model is way off when I set view to match, i.e. only a small percentage of it is even appearing over the photo and when I investigate it appears that I am way beneath my model. I wondered if there's a way I can set the viewpoint position / viewer height in the plugin to possibly remedy this? I had used Set 3D View to set the viewport and did set a viewpoint position / height there, but setting the view to match in the plugin appears to be overriding this to such an extent that it looks like I'm standing way below ground at the opposite end of the development.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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I apologize for the semi-canned answer, I have not yet used Cameramatch much personally and don't have direct experience with it. The creator, Matt Panzer, created a series of videos on its use:

As well as a video specifically on matching difficult views:

I hope these can be of help.

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