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Vectorworks to ShopBot CNC workflow

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Does anyone have any experience designing in Vectorworks with the purpose of exporting to a CNC Router like ShopBot? I'm wondering if it's posible or even worthwhile.

I'm looking at getting one of these CNC's but they push use with V-Carve Pro or Fusion 360, Can we VW users export geometry easily to these programs or should I just learn these programs?

Thanks for any insight,

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Depends what file formats they take, I am experimenting with a CNC machine here and I am able to load STL files by default, which you can export directly from Vectorworks.

I have seen some of the CNC control software packages take DWG or even PDF, but I am not sure if there is another standard file format they commonly accept, STL was what I normally worked in for 3D printing so I stuck with it.

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I've sent tons of stuff for CNCing from Vectorworks. Usually surface shapes extracted from 3d models.

Often the file is exported as DWG or DXF and sometimes sent via Illustrator. All of the vendors I've used have different control software. I don't think any of them are really up to the level of VW for drawing.


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I use a Biesse machine, and we export from VW to DXF, then use an automatic import function to bring the geometry into Biesseworks.

I would assume most CNC control software would have similar, if not better capability than Biesseworks.

For us, doing cabinet work, we create the cabinets parts and other basic parts right in Biesseworks, and only draw the more complex curved stuff and import it.

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