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SpaceMouse® Enterprise Support

Tom Klaber


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Support for 3DConnexions' range of hardware devices is indeed in the pipe and actively being developed now. Much of it specifically for the Enterprise model but apparently any work done for it will directly benefit any hardware that uses the 3DxWare software package's controls.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We have requested demo hardware units from 3Dconnexion in order to test and hopefully support them officially.

Almost all of them work as far as the knob goes, but we don't yet have support for the additional buttons and features. Sometimes the axis need to be mapped different on the more advanced devices, but so far the basic axial input does seem to work for now.

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I looked at that Space Mouse.

I think I got that wrong ...

It is not a mouse with the Space Navigator on top to leave your hand on your "mouse" ?

It is like Space Navigator, just with additional buttons and functionality ?

So still hand lifting and changing device ?

I have to admit that I am not that artistic with my hands.

I have to watch my keyboard when I write. It is just the SHIFT/CTRL/ALT/CMD + Mouse

that works blind.

For things 3-key combinations like in VW needed ALT+CMD+V to paste in place,

I will normally need both hands, and so to leave my mouse.

(While easier keys like CMD+V = place anywhere, works with one hand for me)

So the need to change device is critical for me too.

It is just that VW uses the weaker MMB for so important all-time functions like

screen rotation. And that I do not get any mouse with fully functional MMB

these days anymore (for OS X).

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Yes, I was on their site.

First I thought that is a greater mouse that you can move on the table + Navigator bubble.

You move the cursor when drawing by the bubble like a track ball ?

Icons look like Bricscad :)

I think that needs full implementation in CAD software.

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BIG +1 on this, please add FULL support for 3Dconnexion products. As things are it seems kind of janky, certain axes only work in certain views, I can't get it to do complete 6-DOF movement.

For the record I have the "SpacePilot Pro," part # 3DX-600037. (Agreed that 3dconnexion's product-naming hierarchy is confusing.)

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Oh, I see the CADMouse has a dedicated MMB :)

And it looks like now being supported for OS X.

Find no word on cursor speed or (unwanted) acceleration.

If those Space Mouses are fully supported, you will get your custom menus

and you can set these in the same functional way for all your Apps,

I think that could work for me too.

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1. which model would you chose today ?

Like for Madcatz gaming mouses, I normally tend to the more reduced and analog

models, without displays and such things.

Those have priority on Autodescian ESC, while the Enterprise has more Modoish

SPACE or VWish TAB key.

2. how do you reach the keys,

or isn't that 3D thing always in your way.

3. Is it a problem when an App not supported,

or do you assign normal short keys to buttons anyway.

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I'd too would like to request further support for 3Dconnexion devices.

I've just got a Spacepilot second hand to try out (I know the only official support is for the spacenavigator). After just a couple of hours I can see that this could be very useful and I expect to start using it a lot.

None of the buttons do anything, except button 1 which toggles between flyover/walkthrough/constrained walkthrough/2d.

I'd like to be able to make use of those extra buttons and be able to customise them.

Perhaps more importantly, I'd like to feel confident that Vectorworks were seriously supporting these devices, because if they become a fundamental means of interaction with the software then I don't want to find they suddenly stop working when I do an upgrade, and so on.

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there is a new OS X driver (10.4) available that makes Enterprise working.

in a basic fashion.

At least the Display shows the current App and some basic texts.

I see no options to customise enterprise by the driver panel in any way though.

That shows still my CADMouse only.

Edit :

Silly me,

you have to choose the Enterprise from the dropdown to switch between

the mouses. It looks like you can set all buttons to useful short cuts.

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It is quite tedious but yes,

you can assign all buttons to VW shortcuts.

The problem is that the display can show the shortcuts only,

not the Command Name.

So I sit there and watch some cryptical "Alt+-" in 2,2 mm font size

and ask myself what that may mean ;)

(If I could remember all shortcuts for all my Apps I would need no

Space Mouse Enterprise)

It will be much better if an OS X driver finally supports Icons and

all my Apps will feed presets with Commands and Icons.

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A problem is VW's switch to Walk Through Mode in non orthogonal

but perspective Views.

Other than a normal Navigator there are no side buttons to switch between

Flyover and Walkthrough. Haven't understand the "Stop Rotation" button so far.

Maybe that could workaround in any way (?)

Edit :

and you can't set a rotation Center (?)

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For the past few weeks I've been using a 3dconnexion "spacepilot" - it's not really fully supported any more so it's really just the knob bit that works, not any of the shortcut buttons (except for one that switched between flyover/walkthrough in a not entirely convenient way).

Even with those limitations, I've found it makes a huge difference to the ease and speed with which I can work in 3d, quite transformative in fact, in the way I can use VW.

I'd really recommend to anyone else who wants to work more effectively in 3D.

And I hope VW and 3dconnexion can soon find a way to let us use these things with their full functionality.

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Yes, I think Jim reported VW is "thinking" about supporting the Enterprise.

Very welcome from my side.

I never really used my old standard navigator.

There wasn't any need in other Apps because well working Mouse/Key navigation.

It didn't make much fun in VW either.

I still don't know if I will get ever used to the Enterprise's TAB/ALT/SHIFT/... buttons

with my left hand motor activity or will ever use the 3D joystick.

But if there will ever be some Tool Icons on the display in OS X,

I am sure I will heavily use those 12 Custom Buttons under the display !

That looks like fun.


when you start to customize your Enterprise buttons for VW,

you will notice how many important Tools have no shortcuts,

or that the mentioned shortcuts in the Tooltips can't be true.

(for example rotate and mirror tool ???)

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^ does it show :

"Mirror Tool (=)"

for you in the tool tip if you hover over the Icon ?

If so it looks like it is time to recreate my Custom Workspace (?)

For me it looks like :

"Mirror Tool ()"

That is what it looks like to set VW shortcuts to Enterprise's buttons

in the OS X driver :


And what you see in the "Mapping" Column is exactly what appears

on Display as text. So not that ergonomic so far :)

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