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Modifying extents of site model

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I'm relatively new to VW and have steep learning curve for the Site Model features - excuse the long explanation of issue.

I've watched the good You Tube by Jonathan (054 Editing the Extent of a Site Model) but I'm not able to get the same sequence / results (I'm using 2015 ver).

1. When I click on my site model, the interior lines do not highlight (only perimeter / property line does), but OIP shows "Site Model."

2. When I chose Modify, list shows no active "Edit Group" selection - only "Edit Site Model"

3. If I group the site model, and go to Modify, there is a choice of "Edit Group." When I click on that, the OIP only shows "Group" (not "Site Model"). When I "Edit Group" the OIP shows "258 Objects."

4. When I then Paste in Place the Polygon to make the new extents, the Site Model remains and the Polygon is placed where I want.

5. Then, when I hit Exit Group, it takes me back to the "Group" in OIP and nothing has changed...

Could someone kindly describe every single step in detail for a kindergartener?-) All I want to do is reduce the extents of my site model. Thanks in advance - greatly appreciated.


Windows PC

VW 2015

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Move the site model off to the side, do you see that you have a site model object AND a group of contours/polygons that was used to create it? Sometimes you can create the site model and if you chose to leave the source polys have both overlaid one on top of the other.

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Is this what you want:

Right click the site model.

In the flyout menu, choose the option Edit Site Model Crop.

In the drawing window, modify the existing polygon, or draw/paste a new one and delete the original poly.

Exit the edit mode.


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Thanks, I've tried this; no luck.

1. After placing the new rectangle in Edit Site Model Crop, when I exit Edit Site Model Crop the original Site Model remains unchanged (and no new rectangle appears)...I forgot to mention that I have a drape texture over the site model - might that be affecting the result?

2. How can I "undo" a site model, to put it back as just polygons?

3. Is there a way to "turn off" the draped texture (which doesn't show unless the view is oblique)?

4. Might the Property Line be affecting my (lack of) results?

I'm surely missing something, have a wrong setting, or??


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Hi, Nedly

1. A) Did you click the Update button in the Object Info Palette (OIP)?Edit, see next post. The existing crop must be deleted, or the new crop will have no effect

B)Did you mean you have a Drape Surface over the site model? A Drape Surface does not change with alterations to the site model. Send the Drape Surface to a new layer set to invisible. You can move it back later or create a new one. Now select the site model and try the crop adjustments.

2. For trouble shooting, it's best to isolate things. I suggest you create a new site model from the original data in a new blank file: in original file, enter the Edit Site Model Source Data, Select All, Copy, Exit the edit window. Save.

Make the new, blank file active and paste the source objects into the new file. Create a new site model via the AEC>Terrain menu. This will be only your basic existing terrain. No proposed texture beds, pads or other stuff.

In the new site model, try the Edit Site Model Crop. It should limit the displayed area of the site model. If this works, try again on your original. Test with the propertly line, too.

3. I'm not familiar with this draped texture, unless it is a draped surface with a texture.

4. The property line should completely within the site model extents. I think the PL also has to be completely inside the crop.

Edit - See next post

Post back how things are going.


Edited by Benson Shaw

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Couple updates

1. Notes about editing the Site Model Crop:

• Every site model has a default crop. It's a polyline surrounding the source data.

• The default crop is automatically created when the Site Model is created.

•The default crop can be edited with the 2d Reshape tool, or can be replaced with a different 2d object.

• If a different crop object is desired, draw it or paste a new 2d object into the Edit Site Model Crop window, AND, delete the default crop. The new crop object has no effect unless the default crop is deleted.

• If the default crop is deleted and no replacement 2d object is added in the edit window, a new default crop will be automatically created when the edit window is closed.

4. Just tested the Property Line.

•PL does not need to be completely within the Site Model extents.

•PL does not need to be completely within the Site Model crop.

•PL can be formed from a polygon which is sent to surface.


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Benson, et. al., Thanks for the suggestions and lesson. I'm still working my way through it and will certainly post back when I figure it all out. I suspect (not surprisingly) that there may be several things going on, will isolate as suggested. Thanks again, very much!

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