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I have a housing project with a lot of stairs and have figured out how to create a style for each stair, link the stairs to the layer elevations and display a consistent style for the arrowheads, text style and 2d graphics for every stair in the project between floors. One thing which is driving me crazy is how to move the down/up note to the correct position. It seems to work for some but not for others. I need to grab the note at the right spot and put it in the center of the stair. I have been working through it and there are two ways to have the notations appear on the stair tool. One is to use the "run 1" and "run 2" and select the arrow direction from the drop down menu and the other is to do it with the note1 and note 2 command. It seemed that the notes would work better but some stairs just don't seem capable of moving the note to the correct position on the stair. The way to move it seems similar to how you would move the text within a window Id/door id notation but I can't find what the sequence is to move the note. what usually happens is that I wind up moving the whole stair.

Can someone explain how to do this or explain an easy sequence of where to grab and how to move it easily? I don't really want to add the data manually since I am halfway through the project at this point.

OS10.10.5 VW architect 2016

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I gave up on the arrows tool and just created a 2D symbol for each and dropped them in where needed. As for the notes I create a worksheet and place them where needed.

I just opened a project to see what you were frustrated with and now I get it. I am having the same issue. With my file the editing handles show up on the lower level set, and I can move the notes around, but not on the upper level.

I hope this helps.

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This needs looking into, I run into the same problem, some stairs show run as an option to display and some don't. It seems like youcan adjust the position of the run object where as you can't with the note object...

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