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Air Layer in Wall Styles + Lamda in Energos


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I think turning the class of the component OFF removes that component from being seen by Energos at all. To make an air gap, normally I see users leave the class on, but create a component with no pen for fill for its 2D attributes, and a simple texture that is 100% transparent (plain) for the 3D attributes. Then they assign the Air value to that component from the lookup table, which is just 0.000 as you mentioned.

Apologies, I do not know how this alters the Energos treatment of adjacent wall components when it is set in this manner.

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OK thanks, so just controlling by visibilities.

I thought there would be any special setting.

For the Wall Style in Energos,

i'm not sure if I should exclude components outside behind the air layer,

more an energy consultant or standard thing than Energos.


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the air layer is mostly regarded as not fully ventilated, and is keeping its thermal insulation capability. you can count all components' properties to the overall calculation. additionally you have to calculate the resistance of the flow entering, and leaving the wall depth.

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Thanks Gester,

That's what I had set, so I will let it as is.

Seems that Energos will let you chose only 2 story buildings if you have set another

story for your roof. Or it has problems to accept my slabs as a roof, which you can

assign for Energos.

Some Energos tutorials videos are needed :)

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