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Changing title block fields requires all Sheet Layers to be Checked Out

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Using VW 2016 SP3 on a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) running Yosemite 10.10.5

I am project sharing with a colleague. We are experiencing an issue where neither of us can change the info in our individually checked-out title blocks without having ALL of the the Sheet Layers checked out. If one of us has any Sheet Layers checked out at all, the other has to wait for them to be released to make changes, even to title blocks not checked-out by the other user. This was not happening before the SP3 update. We've been using this same custom title block for a couple years now, and I have recently made a few formatting changes to it and modified the record, but I didn't make any changes that I haven't made many times before. I can't imagine that would cause this kind of issue, but maybe I'm missing something.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Unfortunately it makes no difference whether I'm editing sheet, project or general info. Upon clicking OK after making a change a dialog pops up stating that all of the sheet layers must be checked out. I actually do not need to check out any layers at all to edit the Sheet Border symbol, but it's the linked data that needs editing, not the symbol. This is somehow related to the file containing the sheet border as I have another file using the exact same sheet border and it does not have this issue, except when editing project wide fields, like you mentioned. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing.

Also noteworthy that this is specifically isolated to editing data, not objects on the sheet layer, like worksheets. Even a title block can be copied and pasted to another sheet layer without issue, but as soon as I try to edit data, all sheet layers must be checked out. I wonder if this has something to do record itself.

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