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This Marionette Network generates vertical blinds.

Nearly every part of the blinds can be modified by the parameters.


Usage comments:

- Put the Symbol 'Vertical Blind' into your drawing.

- Now costumize it to your needs with the parameters in the object info palette:


Total Length, Slat Height, Slat Width, Slat Angle and more

(A Video will follow)


- Finally you can define textures for parts of the slat by the generated classes:









Thanks to Dom for the PutByRefNode which made it a lot more easy.







Edited by Patrick Winkler

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looks good !

(I'm getting a script error when I make changes in the obj info , but it still makes the changes when i click ok)

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only get the error when I copy symbol into another drawing file and in any view then.

(still works but you have to click 'ok' on the script error first)

Works fine on your original drawing.

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I want my money back, I pulled the chord and nothing happened. :)

Nice work, You and DomC, well what can I say, I just watch and try to learn.

Thanks for sharing.

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Maybe in the next version ;)

The VWX in the top post is fixed now.

Feel free to post your renderings or modifications of the network in this thread!

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Hi, new to using marionette. Cool script,but should my computer be spinning-wheel-of-death every time I change info in OIP? Take a good 20+ seconds to make each change....


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Hi Alan,

the calculation of the strings with its beads is the bottleneck.

Unfortunately this can't be turned of optionaly due the limitations of marionette.

There is the option 'Show String beads' in the OIP which just controls if the beads are deleted at the end.

20 seconds sounds really long maybe it's time for a new computer ;)

Alternatively you can use the modificated version attached in this post which comes without strings.

Edited by Patrick Winkler

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