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Mysterious Crashing

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Vectorworks 10.1

Mac OS X (v10.2.1)

My problem is that if I try to delete items in my drawing using command - "X" (using my left hand) and clicking on the objects I want to delete (with the mouse in my right hand ) I can cause Vectorworks to abrubtly end (no warning, no chance to save anything, not even the little pop-up telling me such-and-such program has suddenly ended). This happens when I am deleting a number of items quickly. This is infrequent but has happened enough times to be annoying (vectorworks 8.5 and OS 9 never happened). I know the solution is to either pick the items I want to delete in groups or all at once or to simply slow down my typing/clicking but what's the point of CAD/computers if not to help speed production up?

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First thing first - update to OS 10.2.6 using the combo updater.

Once that's done, run disk utility's first aid.

(applications: utilities: Disk Utility)

Click on the First Aid tab.

CLick on the hard drive, then click on verify disk permissions and then repair disk permissions.

It's a good idea to get in the habbit of running this after all OS software updates, regular application updates and as regular monthly system maintenance.

You didn't need to do this with OS 8 and 9 because the OS was not as complex as OS 10.

Without a stable running OS, VW cannot run stably.

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I still have that problem even after doing what you suggest. Typically I am deleting unwanted lines from a perspective line rendering.

I did recently find that by switching the selection tool to "lasso", hold the shift key while pressing the primary mouse button and dragging accross the unwanted lines (not around), just before the first line switch from holding the shift key to option key while dragging, that I can select mutiple lines at one time and then delete. I haven't crashed since that discovery. I know that there are other methods of doing this but old habits... You do have to drag in a straight line or it picks other line(s) that you would what to remain.


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Did everything you suggested, Katie, and guess what? It still crashes! Went for a short while without a crash but I wasn't doing the quick deletions (looks like Vectorworks can't handle quick section/deletion actions). I'll have to slow down untill this "bug" is fixed. [Frown]

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I guess you could say I am clicking away at 90 miles an hour [big Grin] . But older versions of Vectorworks/Minicad had no problem with this...

It seems that just before the "crash" I try to click on a line (right hand), press Apple+X (delete with my left hand). realize I missed the line, click again and "crash". It may be that I am pressing keys and clicking at the same time but again, older versions didn't "crash" over this. Also. I don't know if this is an idiosyncrasy of OS X, but the "crash" itself is unusual - the program simply stops working, no little box appears to tell me that the program suddenly quit just "BAM!" I'm suddenly looking at whatever was behind the Vectorworks window(s).

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