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Yes! An animation is like a flip book of sorts - each and every frame must get rendered and then exported. A lot has to with your settings: How long is the animation? How many frames? What rendering mode are you in? What is your 3d export setting (low, medium, high, very high)? Etc. etc.

Also the size of the file. How complicated is the model?

Also, obviously your hardware will effect the speed.

Try a very short (2-3 sec) animation with low settings. Then if you want, start increasing things and see what happens.

HTH- Peter

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It depends upon the complexity of your model and the speed of your computer. Annimations basically are the software rendering each individual frame and stringing them together into a sort of movie.

For a 10 to 15 second annimation ther can be over a hundred renders. The more frames per second, the more fluid the annimation. I recently did a 360 around an object rendered of chrome and acrylic and it took about 80 minutes for a 10 second annimation.

Just to put things in perspective; 5 or 6 years ago doing a hidden line removal on a PII machine at 166 mghz used to take several 24 hr days.

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I often set up renderings to run overnight be/c of how long mine take. This is one reason I wish VW supported QTVR, because the rendering is incremental, takes much less time to create, and is a much smaller file. The other thing that would improve VW is if they tweaked the process so that you didn't have to have the preliminary renders before the animation starts. You must render, then it renders again after you choose options, then it starts the animation. The first two are just time wasters. (Similar applies to exports.) And while I'm on a roll, you can't easily stop an animation. The cmd-. just stops that frame, but you have to cmd-. through all the frames and it's easier to just crash the program, assuming you've saved the file...

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Stefan, I've found no way to create a QTVR after the fact. I'm hoping Nemetschek takes pity on some of us and adds that support.

>the roof of the building lifts off to reveal the inside

I did one with a car driving and a door opening using VectorScript. Came out neat, but was harder than it should have been be/c ya can't VS the export dialog, so every frame needed manual intervention. Is this how you're doing yours?

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Hi All,

I'm fairly new to aminmations, I've found using pathway option you only get 5 seconds of time , longer for an orbit. So how do you join these 5 seconds together to make a 2 minute walkthough? Does that need other software, or is there a way to join them together in Vectorworks? I have Coral Draw and photoshop too. Any ideas? My Vectorworks is not the latest version.

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