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Wish for extended Color Control in VW by HSV System



Is it an OS X Bug or do we really have the VW Color Palette only to set Colors in RW ?

At least my colors always jump back to quite different but somehow similar Colors

of the Table when I try to set and save HSV colors.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I think once you click to select the color for a texture for instance, there will be a grid of squares at the top right of the color picker and that will take you to your saved palettes. I will check when I'm next on a Mac, on mobile at the moment.

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It looks like OS X itself is destroying/converting Colors set by their HSB option

back to most basic RGB pendants.

OS X colors seem to be limited to Monitor profiles with simple RGB set as a default.

You can try to open a color field from VW,

change from VW Colors to the OS X Color Circle Icon at the top right.

OS X Color Dialog opens > Slider Icon (2nd Icon) > HSB Mode

I can create HSB colors as expected and can save these in the color fields below.

But each time I go back to one color or choose one of these favorites again,

the HSB values (and Color) are completely different.

So I am not able to even produce a certain dark red that I need.

I am sure I could enter that color by translating to RGB values from other Apps,

but HSV is the most important and reliable CG color system to create colors that

fit together.


That happens even for Text Edit App.

Didn't realized this before as my other 3D Apps use their own HSV Color Tools.

So I vote for an own HSB color chooser in RW.

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C4D has now new color wheels similar to Adobe Kuler, now Color CC.

I think something like this is more suited to a Early Design App like VW than things

like irrigation tools and such things.

What I played in Kuler :


What I did manually in C4D leaving color rules, using HSV :



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We use RGB at the base as well currently, even when CMYK values or something are entered they are converted to RGB in the background. I'll add this thread to the request.

I'm not sure if it is a problem to use the RGB System internally only.

If you watch the Pantone and other palettes. I think there are more than enough

colors available in RGB.

No problem if an HSV set Color shifts slightly to match one of the RGB values.

But OS X tend to shift my color angle by up to 15 degree and similar for saturation

and brightness in a way you can't recognize the color again.

So in short,

my wish would be HSV color control in VW,

as it doesn't work with OS X system color tools.

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Did I miss something ?

I would not want do early design stages in Apps like Revit.

Like Architectural Competitions, including attractive drawings.

On the other hand, VW would not be my #1 Tool if I would rely on modeling a real

BIM model from which I have to generate documentation plans and calculations.

That may be a point from where VW's and my views will start to divergent.

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My first post is too old that I could edit it, otherwise I would get rid of the term "Bug".

As moved to the wish list, I would call it something like :

"Wish for extended Color Control in VW by HSV System"

I've often found VW shifts & outputs colours differently than other design apps. Even just exporting to C4D could make a difference.

Jim, out of curiosity, is Linear Workflow turned on in the VW preferences for C4D?


Before I always used colors from the Standard VW Palette only.

So far I didn't notice any color shifts in C4D therefore.

What colors and color system did you use ?

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Not sure at all, that isn't a setting I have run across before.

Added to C4D in R12. See this - http://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/what-is-linear-workflow-and-how-can-it-help-your-renders-look-better/

Because VW has always been a few versions behind with the C4D engine I've never been sure if its on or not. It should be on...... this is actually very important for correct colour.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've often found VW shifts & outputs colours differently than other design apps. Even just exporting to C4D could make a difference.

Jim, out of curiosity, is Linear Workflow turned on in the VW preferences for C4D?


According to the rendering team it is always set to On and has been so since the early integration of the C4D engine.

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