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Drawing list from Worksheet

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That is awesome, it works perfectly. I could work out how to get the rectangles drawing and add text names beneath.


I am now stuck. Wondering if you can suggest a next move. I need to be able to split the resulting rectangles into strips or a grid. one long line of boxes will not fit nicely on an A size page. I ran the script on an existing job and I ended up 105 rectangle in a line.


I am finding it hard to comprehend the way the lists are running through the nodes and how to manipulate them. Have you seen any examples of making a grid.


I have attached where i am so far. Help you see what i am trying to do.


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Forget my last post,


I have got Spread sheet subrow scripting working.

Drawing boxes from worksheet data with text titles.

Splitting the result by a chosen number of boxes wide.

and the script is only a tiny bit of a monster.


Thank you again Marissa for your assistance.


I have attached the result in case anyone else needs a similar solution.

Script Final.vwx

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